About Me

I work in a factory during the day, and I like doing some crafts, such as laser engraving, so I started doing a little of this stuff on the side. I have a 5.5W laser. Works great on wood. I've etched on knife blades too. Also coated metal is good too. I have metal business cards I've etched.

I try to be reasonable on my prices. I don't always charge for drawing time when I do my own CAD work. Most people charge $1 per minute per laser time. I just throw a reasonable price out there. For the most detailed photographs converted to laser... Engraving time would take about 60-70 minutes. My jigsaw puzzles I added to the store recently, those will take around 2-3 hours from start to finish on just a 150x100mm wood card, just to give you an idea of what goes into this work. Eventually ill upgrade to a better laser that can process things faster.